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This summer I am juggling a few differen

This summer I am juggling a few different projects or trying to at least. My name is Alexis and I am interning with Art Reach while working at a gallery and volunteering with the new Chicago Design Museum. I am really excited about all three and their efforts but want to share information about the design museum with you.

It has been a beautiful project that started from a kickstarter and support from the design community in the city. I don’t think most of us think about starting a whole museum (especially because of the weight that the word “museum” carries) via a kickstarter campaign but CHIDM has successfully made a permanent home because of it. I recently worked the opening and it was great celebration where I was able to meet so many interesting people and to gain more experience in an art organization. More importantly, its a reminder that something small can flourish into a great project!

Ps. Check out their current exhibition Starts/Speculations: Graphic Design in Chicago Past and Future at Block Thirty Seven on State Street!