ArtReach at McCutcheon

Thursday, July 19th, 2012, McCutcheon Community School opened their doors for the community to witness the summer camp endeavors their students participated in. ArtReach at Lillstreet was pleased to partner with McCutcheon by sending one of their esteemed art teachers to teach a five week program about two related themes: environment and community engagement.

Artist, Judy Huppert worked to brainstorm a list of “I speak for” words with the 35 or so students in the group. The idea for this project came from Dr. Suess’ The Lorax, which was also the theme for the whole camp.

As the days progressed, Judy had the students drawing and painting pictures of buildings, parks, and nature in the project “starter architecture.” They did this using masking tape grid designs.

For the final week, students were separated into 3 different groups to design community murals that represented Chicago nature without industry. The project was completed using tempera paint on heavy weight roll paper.

When asked what the most successful aspect of the project was, Judy Huppert responded, “The children took away a strong spirit of cooperation, for which I can only take partial credit. They learned to collaborate on a project and ultimately share in the pride of a group accomplishment. Artistically they were coaxed away from the visual clichés children are so easily attracted to when they are not encouraged to experiment with new approaches to art making.”

At the completion of this program Judy found the experience to be very rewarding and gratifying. It was not only great to work with such gifted children but also to work with such a great team of teachers and administrators!

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