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Mosaics at Friedman Place

Since October of last year, ArtReach has had the opportunity to bring art experiences to the residents of Friedman place. With the guidance of art therapist and ArtReach teaching artist, Ashley Ausikaitis, the residents of Friedman Place have been working on a collaborative mosaic tile project. As an assisted lifestyle community for blind or visually impaired adults, Friedman Place strives to provide health, dignity, and stimulation to all its residents through various activities. In line with their mission, art workshops provided by ArtReach help to promote self-determination and independence in the residents. In addition, working on a group project allows residents to interact with others in the community. Stay tuned for photographs of the final piece!


Art Overcomes

Pablo Picasso once said, “Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.” Art is, to a certain extent, a lie whenever it attempts to describe a future reality or hoped for condition. Art is a lie whenever it depicts how the world should be  instead of how the world really is. Art  is required to become a lie in order to unveil a truth. Artists play a crucial role in inspiring society to change and show them what the world should – and could – be like.

On April 1st, ArtReach teaching artists Cathi Bouzide and Robin Power had the opportunity to collaborate with Thresholds Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center artists in creating an artwork that communicated a powerful truth. Organized by Nancy Little of Thresholds, and in partnership with ArtReach, these artists created a clay mosaic that represented the stigma surrounding mental illness and the hope for its total eradication. The resulting artwork is a call to change existing thoughts and notions about mental disability and those who suffer from it.

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380 The Reveal…

The online unveiling of the McPherson Elementary art project has arrived…as promised. 380 students + 1 multi-talented ArtReach teaching artist Elena Rakochy = TWO (we couldn’t fit them into one) amazing masterpieces. We bet you’ll never see anything more colorful, more vibrant, and more one-of-a-kind than this!

Congratulations to the James B. McPherson Elementary School on the opening of the Art Room…we look forward do many more projects like these.



380 students walked through the doors of the brand new art room at the James B. McPherson Elementary School last Thursday. 380 students drew, colored, and embellished square card stock…using everything from crayons, markers, tissue paper, construction paper, jewels, buttons, cotton balls, and pipe cleaners. 380 students worked together to create the final masterpiece – a patchwork of unique collages. 380 students (and many more parents, teachers, and visitors) got to enjoy their wonderful creation and celebrate the unveiling of their new art room.

Here’s the piece in progress. Stay tuned for the final result of the collaboration….