Monthly Archives: March 2012

Paint, Pencils and Pastels

Last Wednesday, the classrooms at the Academy for Global Citizenship bustled with students engaged in various art projects. The Kindergarten class learned how to make self-portraits using crayons and cut-outs. The First-graders had a course on drawing with pastels. The Second-graders learned about color-mixing and the variety of brush stroke movements. The Third-graders decided to take full advantage of the amazing weather and headed outdoors to sketch trees. With ArtReach teachers by their side their artistic skills are guaranteed to be in full bloom long before Spring comes around.


From a larger-than-life butterfly to a sunrise rising over the hills to a rocket soaring in outer space, there is nothing that these students from the John C. Coonley Elementary School can’t create from fragments of colorful mosaic tiles. It’s amazing to see what a handful (or maybe two) of ceramic tiles, a little bit of adhesive mastic, a lot of imagination and a whole lot more patience can create! In a couple of weeks, the works of these artists-in-the-making will be proudly displayed at Coonley Elementary. We’ll keep you posted 🙂