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more to come! that’s just one class!


there is a piece of art that is ever evolving and moving that truly needs a recording device planted inside of it… does anybody have an extra one or would you like to buy us one? Contact us at 773.907.0841 for this tax-deductible donation.

Inter City Art Pals

This idea just came to me… and I think it can be used anywhere really. I would like to use the idea of pen pals – but use art instead of letters. Or even anonymous art gifting, we have tons of envelopes and padded mailers thanks to the Resource Center!

Block Partys are great :”)

Last year 3 artists from Artreach (Maria Gullo, Danny Mansmith, and Alexis Ortiz) teamed up to offer some special hands on art making fun and excitement to the South Marshfield Block Party Association. “We got there unloaded the Claymobile and set up shop; 2 big tables, a hot glue station and went to work putting together masks, “ideal cars”, games and jewelry. It went to well that we have decided to offer this service this summer to other block party associations that want to add another fun something to do! Contact us if you’d like to talk about the possibilities.

Mosaic Class starting up in Austin

The need for more art programming all over this city is obvious.. especially in the Neighborhood of Austin. I grew up just east of that part of town and I must say we warned not to venture, so I find it intriguing to be working there twice a week. John Hay (located at the corner of Augusta and Laramie) and Artreach will be installing two permanent mosaics: one [approx. 4″x4″]¬†for the library focused on the importance of reading. And the biggest we’ve ever done before, going in the lunch room which will certainly call for an opening reception is 4.5″x21″!!!
The project is slated to run the entire school year and on into a summer program! Great amount of time… you know we need it to get to know each other, the materials and the design!

Construction to!!
If you have any ideas or input let us have em’!
Stay tuned for pictures which will be posted periodically!

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