Monthly Archives: February 2010

Your opinion please…

Should we start a blog especially for the Claymobile? Like in first person :”)

Would you read it?

I Am Chicago

We are also proud to be the sponsor to a young photographer via an awesome project known as I Am Chicago

Check this site out… and get dressed :”) you never know!

Janeil Engelstead’s A Helper!

I would personally like to formally thank Janeil Engelstead for all her help and advice. For all of you who may not know who she is… Janeil is a former Executive Director of Artreach and has brought in many of the grants in our past and has recently been helping me, the current E.D. of Artreach to write better grant proposals! O So Important! So… THANK YOU JANEIL.

You all should check out her latest piece of work that we are proud to have sponsored her for.

Wrightwood Neighbors Pull Through!

We are proud to be able to count on The Wrightwood Neighbors Association and their generous donation for the start of our newest venture, The Key Project. It will be focused on the participants ability to create the space itself to showcase their art. Going beyond what can go within a frame and or on a pillar we will be discovering what it truly means to install some art ;”) At the moment we are in the throes of logistics what with timing and space… but will surely be starting within the next month with Oscar Mayer  Elementary School within the Wrightwood Neighborhood. YAY!